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At Museum Prinsenhof Delft, Saskia Beranek of Illinois State University will discuss matters of access and agency in relation to portraits of Amalia van Solms and their display across the Dutch Republic. She uses the lacquer baluster from Huis ten Bosch (purchased last year by the Rijksmuseum) as a starting point for a discussion of the connections between portrait and audience as well as the fundamental role architectural design played in such encounters. Examining these relationships in documentable cases within Amalia's residences creates a methodological model to also begin to understand the market for portraits of Amalia van Solms more broadly. Afterwards, Julia van Marissing, curator at Museum Prinsenhof Delft, will give a short talk on 'The Making of' the exhibition Amalia: Ambition and Allure (September 16, 2022-January 8, 2023). She will further elaborate on why the museum chose to create this exhibition, how the long and complex life of Amalia of Solms was casted into an appealing story and how objects and loans were selected. We will visit the exhibition as a group.

Event details of ACSEM Object Colloquium: A Baluster
Date 8 December 2022
Time 13:45 -17:00

Spoken language: English
Location: Museum Prinsenhof Delft
Welcome with coffee and drinks afterwards at the museum cafe.
To join this excursion, please sign up by sending an email to


Rijksmuseum, Amsterdam. Acquisition with support from Mr. H.B. van der Ven, The Hague.
Rijksmuseum, Amsterdam. Acquisition with support from Mr. H.B. van der Ven, The Hague.

Amsterdam Centre for Studies in Early Modernity (ACSEM)

ACSEM is formerly knows as Amsterdam Centre for the Study of the Golden Age. The new name comes with a new annual program - the Object Quolloquia Series. The series has the overarching theme: Exploring the World through the Material Turn. All speakers have taken up the challenge of creating a coherent, interdisciplinary program. Thanks to them, it promises to be a year of in-depth discussion and new acquaintances. The full annual program can be found below. 

The Object Quolloquia Series

The Object Colloquia Series explores the world through the material turn. Each interdisciplinary duo of speakers takes one object or product as a point of departure to study and discuss various aspects of Early Modern art, culture, and history. These series are organized by the Amsterdam Centre for Studies in Early Modernity (ACSEM).